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Gallery Activities 9th Anniversary New Artists - Fall 2011
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Activities in the Gallery May 24th, 2012

Art Unique Gallery and Gifts continue for the 8th year to have local artists in the South Simcoe area display their paintings in the gallery. The gallery also provides a place where residents can experiment to develop their artistic side. Classes in hand building clay and clay puzzling are taking place at this time and there is space in a Saturday morning class if anyone is interested.

Artist Eileen Cooper helping Ward 7 Councillor Lynn Dollin choose the glass to be fused together to make a pendant. Lynn brought greetings from Mayor Barb Baguley and the Town who was busy attending another Town function.
Artist Maureen Bayliss showing her collection of local aboriginal artifacts to Mary Cellucci from Innisfil. She explained the use of each tool in her collection used to make pottery hundreds of years ago. This was a chance of a lifetime to see these pieces up close and even be able to handle them.
Student Trudy Neumeyer from Bradford and Instructor Ruth Draper during the pottery class. Trudy is one of the organizers of the newly formed Bradford Arts Guild. She is using what is called clay puzzling which is when you use a paper plate to form the shape and add 3-D hand built forms for decoration.
Student-artist Jeanette Luchese Jacobs working on her pottery plate that she made in class with Instructor Ruth Draper. Her plate was made by rolling the clay with a rolling pin and stamping the design into the clay and hand shaping the clay to make a design. Jeanette is a member of the newly formed Innisfil Arts Culture and heritage Council.
Student Marie Fischer from Alliston working on her plate getting it ready for glaze.
Jeanette smoothing the edges of her plate getting it ready to fire.

Trudy placing the hand formed strawberries on her plate.
Another view of Trudy's plate.
Artists Pauline Owens and Brian Lockhart at the reception.
Friends Kaye Lawer and Marie Fischer.
Visitors in the gallery enjoying the refreshments and the activities.
Marion Coulson and her son from Barrie. Marion and Ruth took china painting together.
Artist Marlene Bulas and her husband Walter. Marlene was the winner of the People's choice award in 2011.
Marlene with one of her paintings of the grand piano. Since Marlene lives in Orillia we do not see her very often. We appreciate that she was able to attend the Open House.