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Gallery Activities 9th Anniversary New Artists - Fall 2011
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Art Unique's Open House for New Artists
Fall 2011

Art Unique is continually looking for new artists to add to the gallery. We like to have a variety of styles, techniques and subject matter to show our clients who are from all over the world. These 4 new artists were chosen because their work is new and different.

Mayor Barb Baguley and Deputy Mayor Dan Davidson. The continued support of the Town of Innisfil is very much appreciated.
New artist Jeanette Luchese Jacobs. Jeanette's pictures bring a very different style to the gallery.
New artist Lisa Rankin. Lisa's pictures bring colour and excitement in her very expressive acrylic paintings.
Brian Lockhart long time supporter of the gallery has allowed us to display his historical collectable photos of Beeton and Alliston. We hope he will continue to add to this collection.
He is editor of the web site www.sapphiremagazine.ca
Our site has a link to Brian's site.
Maureen Bayliss. Maureen has been in the gallery for a couple of years. She paints with paint that is made from ground rock and water. This is a very unusual technique.
The three new artists in the gallery. Jeanette Luchese Jacobs, Lisa Rankin and Brian Lockhart.
Lisa Rankin and BJ Thompson. BJ is also a long time artist in the gallery and a great supporter.
Supporters of the gallery. Kay Lawer, Eileen Cooper, Maureen Bayliss, Pauline Owens and Ruth Draper. The picture on the right side are photographs by new artist Shannon Dobbs.
A picture of a group of visitors listening to the greetings being brought from friends of the gallery.
Visitors enjoying the refreshments at the reception.
Bob and Jenni Murrell. Jenni is the photographer that has taken these pictures and she worked in the gallery in its early years. Bob made all the great signs promoting the gallery.
Our daughter Sandra and her husband Norm who are always available to help when it is needed.
John Porter. John is new to the gallery about 3 years ago. A lot of his paintings are picture of Newfoundland.
Diane Harding Tucker and Eileen Cooper. Diane is a local photographer from Cookstown and Eileen has her jewellery and glass work in the gallery. Eileen is also responsible for the decorations and flowers that you see as you enter the gallery.