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Mo Bayliss paints pictures with paint ground from stone and mixed with water. She is the only person we are aware of that paints aboriginal artifacts in this way. Her knowledge of this subject is unbelievable.
Joyce Bradley has been painting for some time but this is her first venture at being in a gallery. We have received positive comments on her lighthouse scene and squirrel.
Marlene Bulas is probably the best known artist in the gallery. She has exhibited in many different galleries and many people are collecting her work. Her paintings are very bold and very striking.
Eileen Cooper has been working with stained glass for many years. Recently she has been making jewellery with dichroic glass. The pieces are one of kind and very vibrant.
Shannon Dobbs credits his upbringing in a farming community with nurturing his expansive imagination. He has been a serious photographer since elementary school. Shannon's art combines both photography and mixed media sculpture in a fantastical personal vision.
Ruth Draper continues to experiment with different media. Painting for over 55 years in oils, she is now working with clay, glass and china painting.

Jack Hendy has been painting for many years being careful to have the details in his pictures very accurate. He uses colour combinations to give his paintings their own atmosphere.
Jeanette Luchese Jacobs uses bold expressionistic art to make the viewer reach into their inner self to feel what she is saying in her paintings. She displays world wide so it is a pleasure to have her in our gallery.
Brian Lockhart has a group of photos that he has put together as an historic view of local towns. Tottenham, Beeton and Alliston. He takes individual pictures and puts them together to save a record of the villages for the future. He enhances the colour to add to the streetscape. He is the editor of the web site www.sapphiremagazine.ca
John Miller has a great collection of things in nature. His landscapes are very vibrant and in an almost impressionistic style.
Pauline Owens likes to try many different subjects. As a bird watcher, she sees pictures that she puts on canvas and glass. Her favorite medium is oil, but she is continually trying other media.
John Porter likes to paint pictures of Newfoundland and scenes and farms where he lives. He has been accepted in the art community as a very expressive painter.
Lisa Rankin's ability to use colour to make her pictures appear real is remarkable. She has been working to make a collection of barns from around the town of Innisfil.
Diane Soward is one of our most popular artist. She has also painted some very strong abstract paintings. www.artofdianesoward.com
Jackie Sture is continually trying new subjects in her pictures. She has some pictures using gold leaf as accents. Her hand-painted silk scarves are a real collector's item.
B.J. Thompson has broadened her selection of pictures to include photographs as well as her abstract designs.